Four Horses

“Four Horses” by Ramirena Creek Productions & Lunar Pig Productions.  Shot + Color Graded by Adrian Santiago.

The following film was written, directed and produced by Jason Ramirez (Ramirena Creek Productions) and me (Craig Mooneyham: Lunar Pig Productions). This is our first short film. With not much knowledge on filmmaking, not much money, a lot of heart, and a lot of help from friends who believed in our story, we were able to produce this film. Starring: Kip Turner, John Pinder, Craig Mooneyham, Ruben Cordova, Jordan Jones, Brad Hartliep, Suzanne Tyrell, and a host of wonderful extras. Thank you all!

Synopsis: The year is 1871, and Damien, a weathered, veteran Texas Ranger, is hired by a band of renegade Apaches to kill a ‘white holy man’ for crimes against their people, including the rape of one of their young women.

The irreligious, yet cautious, Texas Ranger reluctantly agrees, but whenever he rides into town to fulfill his obligation, he finds two ‘white holy men’ – a preacher and a priest. The Ranger must make a decision if he is to render justice and reap his reward. Will that decision be his alone to make, or will divine justice, or fate, step in to guide him?

(Under Construction 09/25/2017)